Noel family-4.jpg

I often get asked if I shoot family portraits, my typical response is, "only when asked."  The truth is I love working with anyone who is up for having fun and being flexible and it also helps when people are up for something maybe a little different.  I'm happy to shoot smiling faces of kids looking at the camera but it really is fun to try and capture them in their environment...moving, playing, and being a kid. This session was with some of my favorite friends, the Noel family.  We started off shooting pictures of the kids just being themselves then went inside to photograph their home life. When shooting a family portrait I am often perplexed on how to make the photo look interesting.  Dad goes here, Mom sits here, and the kids go here….. blaaaa.  I had this idea in mind to conclude the session...Ryan is an avid music lover and I had the idea of creating their family portrait subtly based off of an album cover I remembered from the Beatles.  This set of images is meant to be displayed in a block of 4.  They happily obliged my idea and these were a few of the images from this session.