I got the opportunity to work with Marisa for her new album, produced and recorded by my good friend Rick Singleton of Slick Studios.  I wanted to post and write a bit about black and white photography today.  These days with the use of digital cameras I typically will shoot in color then decide in post how to tone the image.  All that said, I still love to see in black and white.  Many times when I'm looking at a shot I will actually shoot the image with the intention of turning it black and white.  These shots are good examples of this process for me.  I would say my favorite of these three images is the top vertical image.  Composition and context are extremely important to me when making an image.  I had noticed that the shadow created by the falling light acted as a reflection to the adjacent building.  This totally makes the image for me!  Finding these little gems are what makes photography really fun and worth coming back for.  The black and white tone really enhances the mood of theses photos for me.  Thanks Marisa for a great shoot and being so laid back and fun to work with.