One of the great things about my job is working with people I know and respect.  I am lucky to be good friends with the fellas at SineWave Audio.  Not many people probably know that in the little town of Anderson, there is a company that goes out weekly and provides production for some really huge national acts.  Last week I got a sound bite from my buddy Ben at the Philadelphia Symphony featuring Steve Martin on the banjo.  I met Ben and Micah at Anderson University many years ago and have continued a friendship with them throughout the years.  Ben and I traveled for many years in several bands, he as a sound man/road manager and me as a singer and guitar player.  We drove thousands of miles together in vans and then buses.  We started out using home made speakers and pigtailing boards together to get sound.  He now has much better equipment!  Ben called me several weeks ago and asked if I’d like to photograph a production his company was in charge of at Bankers Life Field House. It happened to be with Chain Smokers and Back Street Boys.  The job was to photograph the production and the overall "wow" factor of what their company provides.  They have lots of big speakers and cool lights! You’ll notice that my interest in these images are not with the bands but with the overall technical direction of the event.  Thanks Ben and Micah for the cool work and a great night.