In my work as a musician and a photographer, I keep coming back to a number of recurrent themes. Connection. Experience. Presence.

Whether I am sitting on the Sea of Cortez, watching the sun make its way over a mountain ridge, watching playful children dancing about before a wedding, or bearing witness at a concert when the artist loses himself in the song, I am always striving to explore the subtle connections between human experience and art.

This connection is one that I believe is a critical element of quality artwork. For me, it's about capturing a moment and conveying an experience.           

Cliff Ritchey traveled for ten years as a singer-songwriter, engineer and musician playing for various artists such as Josh Kaufman (previous winner of “the Voice”), Island recording artist Jon Mclaughlin, and Jaci Valesquez, as well as playing his own music with AMdrive and later as a solo artist. “I bought my first camera while I was on the road and fell in love with it immediately. I later broke my wrist, sold some photos, became a father and the rest is history.”

Since 2007, Cliff has taken his creative energy and enthusiasm and has thrown himself full-time into photography. He specializes in Location Commercial photography, as well as Event, Architecture, and Portrait photography. He has photographed such events as Meg and Jim Irsay at the introduction of the Jack Kerouac exhibit located at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Sargent Lindsey Williams, MMA fighter, for GX magazine and the Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton OH.  In 2008 he spent a week with Island recording artist Jon Mclaughlin, shooting at the Grinder in New York City and the House of Blues in Chicago. Cliff has worked with Indianapolis design company Borshoff and most recently has been shooting commercial work for VisitIndy, GX Magazine, YELP, SunKing, local small businesses and large cooperate events.

Finally, Cliff has an easy going, fun approachable attitude that translates to his clients and his work as a photographer. His ability to solve problems quickly, his creative energy mixed with his flexible personality make him well suited as a commercial photographer.