I have had the privilege of working on several shoots for GX Magazine. This article features Sergeant Linsey Williams, who is making her way in the MMA fighting circle. She was photographed on location at her gym in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This issue also features a page on contributors to the magazine, including myself. This is what they wrote:

"Cliff, who lives in Markleville, IN [population: about 500], has photographed among others, Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts and Josh Kaufman, winner of season 6 of "The Voice." Starting on Page 84, you can see his shots of another rising star: Sergeant Linsey Williams, who, Cliff says, "is the type of person you want serving your country." At the photo session, her power was on display. "Shooting some action shots, I asked her to give me a sequence at about 70 percent of her actual force.  It was not long before I realized I needed to ask for 20 percent," Cliff says.  He was also struck by Williams' humility and depth in talking about topics such as philosophy and bioethics. "Sergeant Williams is more than the sum of her ferocious uppercut," he says."